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Key statistics show the result of truck accidents

The ramifications of a truck accident can be catastrophic. Trucks weigh far more than passenger cars and drivers face unique driving challenges -- wide turns, blinds spots and long braking distances, just to name a few -- that can make things complicated.

To better understand the situation, take a look at a few key statistics about crashes:

  • The statistics from 2016 show that a total of 3,986 people passed away in semi-truck accidents.
  • Most of those people (66 percent) were in other vehicles.
  • Another 16 percent of the fatalities involved motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Another 17 percent of fatalities involved drivers and passengers in the trucks themselves.
  • When stopping, a truck needs about 20 to 40 percent more distance than a standard passenger car.
  • The above is largely due to weight, which can be 20 to 30 times higher than sedans and other passenger vehicles.
  • Between 2009 and 2016, the number of fatalities in these wrecks jumped by 27 percent.

Serious injuries after a wreck impact your entire life

Being involved in a car wreck is emotionally and physically difficult. In the days after the crash, you are likely going to be sore. You may notice that you are more anxious than normal. Slowly, your life is probably going to return to normal.

Of course, if you suffered a serious injury in the crash, this is going to take longer. We understand that recovering has to be your focus. We can help you with the legal aspects of your case.

Drunk driving deaths aren't high here, but numbers can improve

The holiday season is full of events that people of all ages can enjoy. Some of these are geared toward adults and involve consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is imperative that all drivers who drink alcohol get a sober ride home. Impaired drivers run the risk of causing accidents that can kill or injure innocent people.

Interestingly, New Jersey has a lower number of traffic accident fatalities caused by drunk drivers than the national average. While there are 3.3 deaths per 100,000 population in the nation as a whole, that rate here drops to only 1.8. Still, this is too high since these are all deaths that could be prevented if the drunk driver had just stayed off the road.

New year, new tax breakdown for divorces

As 2019 begins, many Americans will more directly see the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which Congress passed in December 2017. These changes could be positive or negative when it comes time to file, depending on who you are.

One group of people who may notice a difference is divorcees. When your divorce was finalized will have an impact on your taxes.

Semitruck wrecks kill occupants of passenger vehicles

Commerce in this country relies heavily on the ability of truckers to transport goods to locations in every state. These commercial drivers need to take steps to ensure that they are operating their vehicles safely. When they don't, it is possible that other people on the roads will be hit by the big rig.

In the most recent data available, it was found that 97 percent of people who died in crashes involving a passenger vehicle and a semitruck were in the passenger vehicle. This shocking statistic shows just how important it is for truckers to drive safely.

Avoiding premises liability issues on Halloween

If you're welcoming trick-or-treaters or other guests to your home this Halloween, it's essential to make sure that your property is as safe as you can reasonably make it. You don't want anyone to be injured, nor do you want the potential litigation that could follow.

Remember that under the law, if your porch light is on, trick-or-treaters are considered to be invited visitors and not trespassers. Therefore, your responsibility to have a property free of hazards is higher.

Don't settle for paying out too much for accident claims

Some people who get into a car wreck due to another party's negligence might think that their injuries entitle them to an astronomical settlement from the insurance company. This isn't the case. Your company needs someone on its side who is willing to fight back against the schemes that some victims will try to run on insurance companies.

We can help you find ways to fight back against claims that are far higher in damages the complainant is seeking than what they should be. This isn't always an easy journey; however, we can put forth the effort on your behalf so you can focus on your business.

Autumn comes with risks for property owners

Adults and children enjoy being out in the lovely fall weather. Therefore, it is imperative that property owners take steps to ensure that people remain as safe as possible when they are walking around. There is a chance that you will face a lawsuit if someone has an accident on your property and suffers an injury.

One thing to remember is that the fallen leaves on the sidewalks and other surfaces will be slippery if they are wet. While this isn't likely to cause a problem for most adults, children who are running about and adults who rely on walkers or canes might be at greater risk of falling on the leaves. These falls can be devastating to them, especially if they are seriously injured.

Stay out of a semitruck's blind spots

Semitrucks require a lot of room to maneuver how they need to on the road. One thing that many drivers forget is that these large trucks have huge blind spots in which the driver can't see. Any vehicle that is in the "no zone" is in danger of being struck by the truck because the trucker doesn't see them.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can't see the trucker in the side mirrors, the driver can't see you. If you do have to drive in the no zone, get out of it as quickly as possible. In order to ensure that you are in a safe spot, remember these rules:

  • There is a 20-foot blind spot in front of the truck and a 30-foot one in the rear.
  • The passenger side blind spot extends from the front of the truck past the back and goes two lanes over.
  • The driver side blind spot extends from the area even with the cab door to about the halfway point of the trailer and is one lane wide.

Tips for talking about divorce with the children

For a married couple with children, the idea of changing family dynamics can feel intimidating and overwhelming. If a couple decides the marriage needs to end for the betterment of everyone involved, an important next step is to tell the children about this decision.

If you need to approach the topic of divorce with your children, consider a few bits of basic advice before starting this conversation. When possible, take some time to prepare for how, when and where you’ll have this discussion as well as who should be present in the family.

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