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Entryway safety in winter is important

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Firm News, Premises Liability

The winter season is one that is filled with snowy weather. While this is beautiful, it can also lead to considerable dangers for people who are walking about. When there is snow on the sidewalks and in parking lots, people are going to track that moisture in on their shoes. This can be very dangerous if businesses don’t take proper steps to control the water on the floors.

The entryways are a particular concern since this is the first point of contact for people coming in from outside. There should be controls in place to minimize the wetness and to warn customers to watch their step. Industrial blowers, entryway mats and “wet floor” signs can all help to control the situation. Without these, customers might fall and suffer injuries.

A slip-and-fall accident might seem like it isn’t that bad; however, these can be devastating. The jarring motion when you fall can cause soft tissue injuries. The impact when you hit the ground can also cause this type of injury, but it can also lead to broken bones and brain injuries. Even spinal cord injuries are possible when you have this type of accident.

One thing that is common in many of these accidents is that you will need to get medical care, at least an evaluation. This is an expense that you shouldn’t have to cover; however, it might take a premises liability lawsuit to get the damages covered. When you are thinking about the monetary damages you suffered, don’t think only about those bills. Consider lost wages, personal care costs and pain and suffering. All of these might be included in your claim.