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Some semitruck wrecks aren’t due to the trucker’s actions

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

It is all too easy to blame semitruck drivers for all wrecks involving these large vehicles, but there are times when they aren’t the ones to blame. One such incident occurs when other drivers dart in front of them and cause a safety hazard. This often happens when the driver is trying to make it an interstate exit or when they are simply too impatient to wait behind the semitruck.

Many people don’t think about how difficult it is for a trucker to react in a controlled manner when this happens. In some cases, they only have two choices – to hit the vehicle that cut in front of them or to try to swerve to avoid that car. Unfortunately, swerving can lead to the truck hitting another vehicle. Anyone who is driving around semis should remember that these vehicles are large and heavy, so they have a much longer stopping distance, and they can’t turn on a dime.

There are some other causes that may involve the trucker, but they might not be fully liable for the crash if these occur. One of these is lax maintenance on the truck or trailer. Another is defective components. In both of these cases, things like brake issues or unsecured trailer hitching might occur.

Another one is improper loading and securement. Some truckers rely on others to do this because they only hitch to the trailer and roll. The trucker and the company that handled the loading and securement might both be liable for accidents that occur from shifting or unsecured loads.

Determining the cause of the wreck is a very important step if you are going to seek compensation. This lets you know who to name in the lawsuit.