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Hurricane season and hazards on the road

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Car Accidents

During hurricane season, certain parts of the country may have to deal with devastating storms that wreak havoc on local communities. Lives may be lost; many people may be injured, and the financial and emotional impact of these events can be staggering. There are a lot of other reasons why hurricanes can be so disastrous, especially when it comes to road safety. In fact, traffic accidents may be more likely in areas that are not directly impacted by a hurricane (such as neighboring communities or states which will not be significantly affected by the storm). Moreover, these strong storms can increase the chances of a crash before, during and after they arrive.

There are many potential hazards to watch out for when it comes to hurricanes. If your area is expecting a hurricane, drivers may behave erratically on the road (and this becomes especially concerning right before and during a hurricane’s arrival). Hurricanes may result in flooding and strong winds that pose dangers to everyone on the road. Some drivers do not pay attention to road safety because they are in a state of panic or they think that the rules of the road do not apply. For example, a driver may speed or show no regard for traffic signs during a hurricane, and this can be extremely dangerous.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, the roads may be damaged, and signs may be missing, which can make it harder for people to stay safe behind the wheel. Reckless drivers should be held responsible for their behavior regardless of whether a natural disaster is present or not.