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Decreasing accidents in construction zones requires safer driving

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

Even when the weather is warm and sunny in New Jersey, construction workers take a risk every day as drivers fly by at high speeds. Over a period of five years, the United States Department of Federal Highway Administration states that 200,000 people were injured and 4,400 people died in accidents in work zones. Most frequently, the driver is the one killed in the accident, and these deadly accidents are most common in areas where the speed limit is greater than 50 miles per hour. To decrease these numbers and improve the safety of work zones, drivers should change their driving habits and use the following tips.

Distracted driving is a problem everywhere, but it is particularly unsafe in construction zones. Drivers should minimize distractions and stay tuned in to the road while they pass through work zones. Drivers should avoid eating, using the phone or even changing the radio as they move through work zones. Anything that removes the driver’s focus from the road should be avoided.

Drivers should also pay close attention to the road signs. They can use them to prepare for any upcoming changes in traffic. They should be aware of any changes in the flow of traffic around them and closely watch the brake lights of the cars ahead.

Drivers Tests warns drivers to also be aware of large machines that are used to expand and repair roadways. Often, drivers are required to drive close to these machines and it can be intimidating and scary. Drivers should watch the distance between them and the machine and them closely and anytime they are following one, they should keep a safe distance.

Most of all, drivers should expect the unexpected when driving in work zones. With so many things going on, anything can change in an instant, and drivers must be prepared to adjust.