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OSHA holds construction companies accountable for dangerous jobsites

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Injuries

When it comes to hazards in the workplace, there is one industry that has to take the utmost care. This is the construction industry. New Jersey construction workers have to concern themselves with the risks associated with the occupation. They also have a right to know that the construction company has a duty to provide a safe environment. Construction injuries can be devastating. They can result in TBI, spinal injuries and even death. There are prevention methods available and unfortunately, injuries often occur due to negligence or a dismissal of safety protocol. 

In the construction industry, contractors are most likely to suffer injuries due to falls, falling objects or equipment related accidents, according to FindLaw. In construction, workers have to work around roofs, ladders, scaffolding and cranes. This risk of falling should be minimal, as it is the construction company’s duty to ensure its workers safety. 

When working with cranes or derricks, there are specific protocols in place to protect workers. The movement of large, heavy loads is common in the construction industry and as common as it is, precautions and training should be in place 

OSHA explains a worker’s rights while on a jobsite. For instance, a worker has the right to working conditions that are not threatening and do not pose a high risk of physical and serious harm. Likewise, workers have the right to proper training and risk awareness. If a worker discovers a hazard in the workplace, then he or she can contact OSHA and request an inspection without fear of retaliation from the employer. 

Employees and contractors have the right to report injuries or health concerns.