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Common car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Often times, car accident patients in New Jersey avoid visiting a medical provider because they feel they can shake off their injuries by the time they do. The insurance company may view their injuries as a minor or soft tissue injury and may decide to lowball them when it’s time to settle. What are some of the common injuries?

A lot of times, people only think that there are soft tissue injuries involved. According to John Hopkins Medicine, soft tissue would be anything besides the bones and joints. So, this includes the muscles, ligaments and even the nerves. But a lot of times there are non-soft tissue injuries in the bones and joints, and you don’t have to have a broken bone for it to be categorized as a bone or joint injury. So a lot of times, those are the two categories of soft tissues. But there’s also a bone component.

What is the difference between chiropractor treatments and physical therapy? According to Therapeutic Associates, physical therapists will focus on the soft tissue component. They’ll focus on the muscles. When there’s a muscular injury, it’ll affect the amount of movement. Physical therapists focus on the range of motion aspect because of the injury to the muscles but they don’t really address the joints and the bone aspect. On the other hand, chiropractors don’t give medicine.

How often should these patients be in treatment and why? Typically, right after an accident, someone is in a lot of pain. That pain is because of inflammation that is in the muscles. To reduce pain, patients should see a doctor about three times a week until they get that inflammation under control.