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Common construction site hazards

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Injuries

Helping construction workers stay safe on the job is a priority for all contractors. Reducing the incidents involving injury accidents may help lower insurance premiums and keep the business license in good standing.

However, there are some common hazards in and around a construction site that even the most diligent foreman may not see all the time. When workers are without supervision, they may engage in behavior that makes this already dangerous job downright deadly. Become familiar with some of the most common hazards that appear around a job site.

Unused protective gear

When the boss is away, workers may ditch required personal safety gear for many reasons. It may feel uncomfortable in the heat of the summer or as body temps rise in the winter. OSHA dictates the type of personal protective devices that workers should wear. If you find that your crew is not following protocol, accidents may start to happen. Workers must wear things like:

  • Head protection
  • Safety harnesses
  • Personal respirators
  • Eye and ear protection

When workers wear standard safety gear, the rate of incidents declines.

Large machinery

The use of heavy equipment is necessary on the site. Things like cranes and bulldozers are common for use in various construction jobs. When workers become distracted either while operating these machines or while around them, accidents happen. Crush injuries may result if a worker comes between a heavy machine and a hard surface, like a wall. Ensure that only properly trained employees operate machinery and that all workers exercise caution around them.

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