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OSHA’s role in construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Injuries

Construction site accidents often occur because someone did not follow safety protocols. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration plays a large role in ensuring worksite safety in every industry.

OSHA has specific regulations for construction sites, and if a company does not abide by the regulations, it could open itself up to liability.

Potential issues

OSHA regulations cover everything from when workers need to wear a hard hat to how to properly and safely operate large machinery. Regulations will detail safety measures a company should take for every job and duty. For example, OSHA has recommendations for how to keep workers from suffering an injury when working in a confined space or when using scaffolding.


OSHA regulations are not merely suggestions but rules that the industry must abide by. OSHA follows the OSH Act to keep workers safe. If a worksite is not following protocols correctly, OSHA can issue warnings and penalties. Workers also have the right to file complaints against an employer, and OSHA will launch an investigation.

OSHA also offers training programs to ensure employers and employees know the regulations and proper procedures for a safe worksite. Training should occur regularly for new and seasoned employees.


Employers must provide workers with safety gear and equipment. They must keep records of worksite accidents, and do regular testing to ensure safety. They must post information about OSHA regulations pertaining to the industry and provide workers information on how to contact OSHA with issues or concerns. Employers also cannot retaliate against a worker who makes a report about unsafe work conditions.