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3 important steps you must take after a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

If you are in a vehicle crash, no matter how minor, you have certain responsibilities even if you are the victim. 

As long as you have not suffered significant injuries, here are three important actions you must take in the aftermath of the crash. 

Remain on the scene

In the state of New Jersey, the law requires you to remain at the scene of a vehicle crash in which property damage, injuries or death occur. If you leave the scene before exchanging information with the other driver and notifying law enforcement, you could face penalties such as fines, license suspension or even time behind bars. 

Avoid taking blame

Do not admit fault for the crash, even if you feel you were responsible. You could leave yourself open to penalties or a lawsuit. 

Document the crash

After checking everyone involved for injuries—and calling 911 if necessary—jot down information about the incident. Note the time, the weather conditions, the direction in which each vehicle was traveling and any markers, such as a highway sign. Take contact and insurance information from the other driver. Use your cellphone to take pictures of the crash site, the damage to vehicles and the license plate on the other car. 

Insurance considerations

No matter how minor the vehicle crash, make sure to visit a doctor promptly. Not only is your wellbeing of prime concern, you will also want a copy of the medical report to provide to the insurance company. This will confirm that any injuries you sustained where the result of the crash and, along with your documentation from the incident, will help to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.