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How can a brain injury damage short term memory retention?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Car Accidents

When New Jersey residents like you suffer in an accident, brain damage may be one of the biggest hurdles you face. Healing from a brain injury often takes more time than people can give.

On top of that, brain injuries can cause other complications. For example, most victims of brain injuries also suffer from some form of memory loss or damage.

Locations of memory storage

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center examines the ties between brain health and memory. You can find memory storage locations in different areas throughout the brain. For example, short term memory gets stored in the frontal lobe. Long term memory gets stored in the medial temporal lobe.

Due to the different locations, short term memory damage is more likely than long term. The frontal lobe often takes heavy hits in accidents that result in brain trauma. The severity of the accident also determines how badly it may affect your memory.

For example, if you have a light brain injury, chances are high your memory troubles will also be less severe. You may experience disorientation and trouble recalling things for weeks or months. But usually, these issues clear up on their own with time.

Injury severity and memory loss

If you suffer from a more severe brain injury, the related memory issues will increase. Many sufferers of traumatic brain injury (TBI) complain about trouble with memory retention for years after the initial accident. Some go through therapy or other rehabilitation programs in an attempt to alleviate the damage. Many must permanently alter their daily lives to accommodate for short term memory damage.

The cost of living with short term memory loss and damage is often a big stressor for people in your situation. If you share these concerns, consider seeking financial compensation for the accident that caused your brain injury.