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What are some tips to share the road with motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Car Accidents

Sharing the road with motorcycles can be difficult, not least of which because they can often be very difficult for drivers to see. However, being aware of motorcycles can save lives.

Understanding how to share the road with motorcyclists is paramount. According to For Car Drivers, drivers of passenger vehicles should keep in mind how dangerous their car can be for motorcycles and check multiple times at intersections for motorcyclists.

What makes cars particularly dangerous?

Just like, generally speaking, a passenger vehicle getting into a wreck with a semi truck is more dangerous for the passenger vehicle as compared to a passenger vehicle getting into a wreck with another passenger vehicle, a passenger vehicle getting into a wreck with a motorcyclist is very dangerous for the motorcyclist. Your vehicle simply has more mass. Plus, motorcycles do not have nearly as many safety features as compared to the average car.

Additionally, many car drivers are not used to looking for motorcyclists. In fact, it is very common for drivers of passenger vehicles to (unintentionally) ignore motorcyclists since they do not actively “recognize” them as vehicles.

Why should I check multiple times?

In addition to many motorists not “recognizing” motorcyclists, motorcycles generally have a far slimmer profile than traditional passenger vehicles. This means that a motorcyclist could be “hiding” in the blind spot of a car or camouflaged by bushes or other background objects.

Intersections are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Take an extra two seconds to check for motorcyclists before turning, particularly before you turn left. Those extra seconds could save a life.