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Brush up on bicycle safety

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Firm News

As spring approaches, you might feel inspired to bring your bike out of the garage. Sharing the road with motor vehicles comes with certain rights as well as responsibilities.

Before you begin commuting or exercising on two wheels, review New Jersey’s bike laws and tips to stay safe.

Remain visible and audible

The state requires your bike to have a bell or audible alert that others can hear from 100 feet or further. However, you cannot use a whistle or a siren for this purpose.

If you ride your bike at night, you also need to have lights. Your bicycle must have a white front headlamp that others can see from at least 600 feet away along with a red rear lamp with the same distance requirements.

Ride alone and unattached

Attaching your bike to a motor vehicle is not only dangerous but also illegal in New Jersey. If you carry a passenger on your bike, he or she must have a designated separate seat. In other words, no one may ride on the handlebars.

Wear a helmet

New Jersey requires helmets for all riders ages 17 and younger. However, cyclists of all ages can avoid serious injury by wearing a bike helmet that fits properly. Look for a safety standard certification sticker from the Snell Memorial Foundation or the Consumer Product Safety Committee.

You can use the same New Jersey roads as motor vehicles unless posted otherwise. Travel in the same direction as traffic and stay as far to the right as long as you can safely do so.