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The high cost of a fraudulent slip-and-fall claim

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Premises Liability

When someone takes a bad fall, it may lead to serious injuries, and in severe cases, even death. Knowing this, some individuals try to capitalize by making false slip-and-fall allegations. False allegations have the potential to cost businesses and insurance companies a considerable sum.

Per the National Insurance Crime Bureau, insurance fraud may be at hand when someone falls and pretends to suffer an injury on the incident, or when someone fakes a fall entirely, for personal benefit.

Expenses associated with false slip-and-fall claims

Typically, those who fake falls, or fake injuries after falls, are in pursuit of one thing: money. The individual may claim to need money to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other expenditures relating to the injury they claim to have suffered. After factoring in these expenses, estimates suggest that a false premises liability claim has the potential to cost as much as $40,000.

Tips for preventing fraudulent slip-and-fall claims

So, what might businesses do to help protect themselves against false premises liability claims? Installing video cameras that monitor what happens in a business is one important preventative measure. It is also a good idea to post signs telling visitors that cameras are recording their actions.

It is also important that businesses scan their properties regularly to identify and eliminate possible fall hazards. Businesses should also try to secure witness statements immediately following the alleged fall. Why? Witness statements taken right after an incident are often the most accurate.

When an individual fakes a slip-and-fall accident, he or she stands to gain quite a bit. Yet, businesses have a lot to lose in this situation. The more steps businesses take to guard themselves against false premises liability claims, the more money they may save over time.