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Road rage can cause serious accidents and injuries

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Car Accidents

Many motorists throughout New Jersey have felt enraged at some point within the past year. The issue of road rage is not centralized in New Jersey, however, AAA reports that more than 80% of motorists have felt enraged while behind the wheel within the last year.

Not only is road rage dangerous to the driver, but it is hazardous to everyone on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 56% of deadly car accidents in the U.S. involve at least one form of aggressive driving. It is critical that motorists know how to spot signs of aggressive driving so they can minimize the risk of a fatal motor vehicle accident.

What are the signs of road rage?

The Insurance Information Institute lists some behaviors you can use to identify aggressive drivers. These include the following:

  • Failing to obey stop signs, traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalks
  • Speeding or racing other cars
  • Tailgating or following too closely
  • Cutting other drivers off and erratically switching lanes
  • Blocking other drivers from changing lanes
  • Yelling, excessive honking and using obscene gestures

In some cases, drivers can become so enraged that they intentionally crash into other vehicles. Angry motorists may exit their vehicles and cause a physical altercation with other drivers as well.

How should drivers handle the situation?

While motorists may feel inclined to fight back, race or engage in aggressive driving behaviors as a way to retaliate against angry drivers, it may only escalate the issue. Law officers urge motorists to avoid making contact with aggressive drivers and to contact local law enforcement. Officers can handle the situation in a way that will minimize danger to others on the road.