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Why is a car safety kit essential?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2021 | Car Accidents

You have probably heard that you need to carry a safety kit when driving. Yet, you might not be sure what it should contain or why it is essential to have one.

Even if you once had a car safety kit, it can be easy to forget to put it back in it when you replace your car or empty the trunk to give the car a spring clean.

Car safety kits can help prevent an accident

The main reason for always needing a safety kit in your vehicle is because a breakdown, weather incident or accident can happen at any time. Your emergency kit may allow you to fix the issue, but more importantly, it can prevent a minor event from becoming a major incident. Here’s what to include:

  • Warning triangles: These allow you to warn other drivers that you are stopped ahead. Without them, drivers may not see you stopped and smash into you, causing significant injury or killing you. Ensure you put them far enough away to give drivers time to react.
  • A reflective vest: A reflective item of clothing keeps you visible to drivers if you are out of your car and by the side of the road.
  • A fire extinguisher: If you can put out a small electrical fire, it may prevent a serious explosion.
  • A spare tire, a jack and a wrench: Even if you do not know how to change a tire, having the kit makes it easier for a friendly passer-by to help you.  It allows you to get out of places you do not want to be stuck, such as a suspect area of town, a remote rural area, or a narrow hard shoulder.

A car safety kit cannot prevent another vehicle from crashing into you when driving, yet it can reduce the risk that one crash becomes a multi-vehicle collision. If you’ve been injured by an errant driver, make sure you learn more about how to claim compensation for the crash.