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4 ways to prevent fall injuries on construction sites

| Sep 30, 2021 | Construction Accidents

Each day, many of us face potential hazards in the workplace. However, construction sites can be particularly dangerous. One of the most significant risks that construction workers face is being injured by falls. 

Research suggests that falls represent one of the greatest risks of serious injury and death to construction workers, with hundreds of people dying each year. As a result, it is worth exploring some methods that may help prevent fall injuries from occurring.

Use personal protective equipment

Many fatalities result from employees either not using personal protective equipment (PPE) at all or using it inappropriately. Construction workers should always be provided with and utilize the necessary PPE. Common examples include hard hats, eye protection, gloves and safety boots. 

Furthermore, if a worker is carrying out their tasks from a height, then safety harnesses should be used. It is important to ensure that all PPE is up to date and maintained regularly. 

Reducing risks when working on roofs 

More often than not, roofs are a considerable distance from the ground. This makes it especially important to ensure that they are kept safe as a working area. One useful practice is to ensure that all clutter is removed from the roof. This reduces both the risk of a fall and items dropping from a height and causing injury. Employees should also be provided with the necessary PPE when working from roofs, such as safety harnesses and lifelines. 

Constructing scaffolding in a safe manner 

Scaffolding is a common sight on construction sites. Scaffolding that has not been constructed safely poses a significant risk to employees. It is important to ensure that scaffolds are set up on a stable and even base. Additionally, there should be no gaps in the boards where workers will stand. Furthermore, the installation of safety rails can go a long way in reducing fall accidents. 

Ensure ladders are safe 

Falls from ladders are very common on construction sites. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that ladders are used on a stable and level surface. Moreover, defective ladders should not be used and disposed of appropriately. 

Knowing how to prevent fall accidents could be in your best interests. If you have been injured in a fall accident at work, it is important to understand that you have legal rights.