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Actions you should never take after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Blog, Injuries

Getting hurt in a car collision that is not your fault can be upsetting. You deserve compensation for any harm or financial impact the event inflicts on you.

Your emotional state could lead you to take unwise actions. Make choices that will serve you well during a trial.

Never leave the scene before speaking to authorities

Police will want your side of the story. Do not head home before debriefing officers. Talk with them and be confident that your perspective is part of the official record.

Never behave in an unbecoming manner

Remain calm. Judges and juries will learn about how you react. Be polite with everyone, including the driver of the offending vehicle. Show as much concern for the health of others as you do yourself.

Never post about the accident on social media

Anything you share online could come back to haunt you. Defense attorneys know how to take innocent comments and twist them to their advantage. Exercise discretion, and refrain from mentioning your circumstances on any platform. Delete your social media accounts. Only reinstate them once there is a legal resolution.

Never file a lawsuit without help from an attorney

Retaining a personal injury lawyer is vital. Your odds of coming away with a win are much lower without a knowledgeable professional by your side. You only get one bite of the apple, so make it count.

The actions you take after a wreck can affect whether a ruling falls in your favor. Behave in a manner that gives you the best odds of winning.