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Wintry precipitation causes havoc on the roads

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Car Accidents

Drivers know that they can’t drive the same on slippery roads as they do on dry pavement. During the winter months, they become very familiar with the snowy roads. While this might seem like it will make everyone safer, it’s actually a very dangerous situation because some drivers will become too comfortable and start to take unnecessary risks. 

Overconfidence is a big mistake that many drivers take on the roads. Instead of thinking that they can handle the roads in the same way as they do when it’s clear, they need to realize that they have to take their time on the ice or snow. 

Following too closely

It takes more time to stop on snow and ice. Drivers must ensure that they’re giving themselves plenty of distance to stop when the vehicle in front of them stops. Slamming on the brakes is sure to cause the driver to slip, which may result in them losing control of the vehicle. Braking gently can help to prevent this. 

Snowplows aren’t obstacles

Snowplows help to clear the roads but they drive slowly. Drivers shouldn’t ever try to pass these vehicles because the road in front of them isn’t clear and can be dangerous to drive on. Plus, the plows jut out from the sides, and they may be covered in snow. 

Anyone who’s involved in a crash on snowy or icy roads may need to get medical care. This could become costly, especially if the injury is catastrophic. If you’ve been injured, you have every right to expect fair compensation for your losses. Learning more about your legal options is wise.