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Self-driving cars are vulnerable to hackers

On Behalf of | May 14, 2022 | Car Accidents

It almost seems like we are in the future that many generations imagined before us. Nearly all the information we would ever need is at our fingers. We can communicate with people instantaneously across the world. Travel is easier now than ever, especially when we don’t have to do the driving.

Over the years cars are being integrated with more technology to make every drive seamless. Self-driving cars are just one of the many technological advancements many consumers are emptying their pockets for to be part of the “latest and greatest” trends. Being able to conveniently get anywhere in your own privacy is a dream for many. 

The technology for self-driving cars may be here, but so are the people looking to take more control over these cars. Here’s what you should know:

Hackers have a history of terrorizing technology

Movies, like “The Matrix” or “Tron” have been inspiring people to learn to hack technology for decades. Some people do it just because they can, while others feel they should be allowed to take advantage of the technology we’re given. You may have heard of someone losing their personal data because they clicked on a strange email. There have been cases where hackers have taken over someone’s phone camera to see where they are.

One of the many ways hackers can cause problems in the modern world is by hacking self-driving cars. Just like any machine, hackers can find vulnerabilities in self-driving cars that let them take control of your vehicle. This could simply mean rerouting where your car was taking you by controlling your GPS — or a hacker could find a way to take full control of your car. Like a toy car being driven by a remote controller, you may be put in danger by someone else’s fun. This could mean driving you off-road, into other cars or stopping you in mid-traffic, leading to serious or fatal injuries.

It’s not easy to track down a hacker after they finished up with their games driving you around – but you can hold manufacturers responsible for the flaws in their creation. If your motor vehicle accident was caused by a high-tech failure, find out more about your legal options.