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Stay safe on the roads this Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you are already thinking about how to dress up this Halloween, spare a thought for safety. Too many kids and adults get injured while trick-or-treating or partying each year.

Understanding the reasons why can help you take precautions so that it’s a date to remember for your family rather than one to forget.

Increased traffic on the streets

Halloween is a big night in the bars, and there are also a lot of private parties. So you get a lot of drivers out later than usual. Many of those drivers will have had something alcoholic to drink. Others will be tired because it’s past their normal bedtime.

Above all, you get a lot of kids walking around later than usual with their parents. Some can get so excited, partly due to the number of sweets they consume,  that they end up stepping into the road without checking.  

Costumes can make seeing more difficult

Whether it’s a wide-brimmed witch’s hat, a Freddy Kruger mask or a Captain America costume, anything worn on the head and face can restrict your ability to see. Both drivers and pedestrians may be wearing costumes, meaning the chance of collisions is higher as both parties are less able to see each other.

It’s dark, so drivers can’t see pedestrians as easily

It is always harder to spot others on the road at night. As the clocks will just have changed, it will get darker earlier. As many costumes are also dark in color, it can make spotting people crossing the street much more difficult.

If you or your child are injured on the roads this Halloween, consider legal help to claim compensation.