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Why are young drivers so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you look at crash statistics, it will be clear that younger drivers feature far more than they should in accidents.

It’s not that more of this age group are on the road. So what is it that leads them to cause so many crashes?

They have less experience

Think about any new skill you learned, be it knitting, baking or playing an instrument. You are far better at it now than when you first started. That’s because you learn and improve your technique as you gain more experience. The same is true for driving.

It takes a while to become a good driver. It takes a while to gain experience with all those tricky situations that can occur on the roads. It takes time to ingrain the actions driving requires, such as automatically checking your mirrors before a maneuver.

While many people pick up bad habits as they drive more, overall, they are still safer drivers than when they first started.

How can you reduce the chance an inexperienced driver injures you?

If you suspect someone lacks experience, allow them extra room. If they appear to be nervous, don’t hurry them or try to squeeze past them. If someone hesitates at a junction, you are about to pass, don’t assume they will stay put, but slow down in case they are intent on pulling out but having trouble with the pedals. Be encouraging and considerate, and remember we were all new drivers once. 

If a young driver does hit you, tell them to contact their insurer, and you contact yours. Then get legal help to pursue compensation.