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Self-insured people must fight claims of negligence

Being accused of causing an accident when you are self-insured can dramatically change the course of your life. You have to come out of pocket for exorbitant damages because of a lawsuit. You have to think carefully about how to proceed in these cases. We are here to help you defend yourself against any claims.

Circumstances dictate your actions after a car crash

Traveling on the interstates in this area is sometimes a test in patience. Some drivers don't follow the flow of traffic, and some don't obey the traffic laws. These issues can lead to very serious accidents that have significant impacts on the innocent victims. We know that you never thought you would be facing a catastrophic injury because of a negligent driver. If you are in this position now, we are here to help you to seek compensation so that you aren't left holding the financial burden from the crash.

Car wrecks can lead to significant injuries, some are uncommon

People who are in a car wreck can suffer from a variety of injuries. While many of these are minor, such as slight bruising, others are more serious. It is imperative that anyone who is involved in a car crash takes the time to visit the doctor for an evaluation. Not only does this create a record that ties the injuries to the accident, but it also provides the opportunity to receive a treatment plan for what's wrong.

You have 2 years to file a claim for compensation

The way that a car wreck impacts your life can vary, depending on the type of injuries and their severity. It is imperative that you take the time to address these impacts quickly because there are time limits to how long you have to file a claim for compensation. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations only provides you with two years to get the claim filed.

Drunk driving deaths aren't high here, but numbers can improve

The holiday season is full of events that people of all ages can enjoy. Some of these are geared toward adults and involve consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is imperative that all drivers who drink alcohol get a sober ride home. Impaired drivers run the risk of causing accidents that can kill or injure innocent people.

Don't settle for paying out too much for accident claims

Some people who get into a car wreck due to another party's negligence might think that their injuries entitle them to an astronomical settlement from the insurance company. This isn't the case. Your company needs someone on its side who is willing to fight back against the schemes that some victims will try to run on insurance companies.

Control your emotions after a car wreck

Car wrecks can bring out the worst in people. In some cases, they are the result of road rage, which can be an especially troublesome event. People who have been hit by another driver should try to remain as calm as possible. This might help to make a stressful situation less complicated. We know this isn't always possible, but you should still do your best.

Tragic car wreck kills 5 out of 6 family members in van

Family outings should be fun for everyone involved. The fun times shouldn't be cut short by a wreck that injures and kills innocent victims. Tragically, one family of six who was heading home to New Jersey was struck on the way home by a driver who crossed the center line, hit another car, and slammed into their van. This horrific incident killed five of the family members and left one seriously injured.

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