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Construction Site Liability Defense

Construction sites harbor many dangers. Among other things, workers can be injured or killed in a fall from a height, be hit or even crushed by falling objects, or maimed or killed in an accident involving machinery or tools.

Confronted with a lawsuit seeking compensation for such severe injuries, an insurance carrier needs an aggressive defense by attorneys who are prepared to try a case to verdict. With offices in Totowa, New Jersey, and Rockefeller Plaza, the lawyers of Foster & Mazzie LLC provide vigorous defense for carriers, entities with large self-insured retentions and businesses facing construction site liability claims in the New Jersey-New York area.

Construction Site Liability Representation Requires Special Knowledge

Construction sites are a type of premises, so the general principles of premises liability apply in construction site cases. Thus, we perform the same services as we do in premises liability cases, providing opinions on coverage, litigation strategies, liability assessments and other matters.

The principal difference is that construction sites are subject to regulations promulgated by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In civil construction injury litigation, failure to comply with OSHA regulations can constitute evidence of negligence. In consequence, we assiduously keep current on OSHA developments and advise our clients on what is required for compliance.

Different construction sites may be governed by different OSHA regulations. For example, OSHA might require a multistory building to have scaffolding whereas a single-level building might only need safety barriers.

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