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Representing Insurance Companies And Self-Insureds In Connection With Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage disputes are often complicated and may involve multiple parties and policies, each with their own provisions, exclusions and contingencies.

The attorneys at Foster and Mazzie LLC are highly experienced in handling insurance claims involving primary coverage disputes, additional insured issues, subrogation matters and bad faith claims. Additionally, our firm is regularly retained to review indemnification and insurance claims for both self insureds and insurance carriers. Our diverse experience in both routine and complex matters enables us to respond to a client’s needs quickly and efficiently while achieving the best results in a cost-effective manner.

At Foster and Mazzie LLC, we know the challenges faced by a carrier in disputes with its policyholders. Often, policyholders fail to understand their own policy coverage and exclusions. Our experience enables us to quickly assess and defend against such claims by utilizing the policy language and the relevant exclusions. We are also able to quickly assess whether the damages sought exceed the policy limits or whether the policyholder is, in fact, in default for failure to make payment on the policy where he has been properly notified.

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