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Insurance Fraud Investigation/Litigation

Fraudulent claims are an inevitable part of any insurance business. In New Jersey and New York, Foster & Mazzie LLC mounts comprehensive investigations of potentially fraudulent claims for its clients. As well as investigating caused and staged losses, we litigate if necessary.

Fraudulent Practices By Medical Providers

A large portion of our work is the investigation of fraudulent personal injury protection (PIP) and bodily injury claims. For example, a physician might bill a PIP carrier for services that were never provided or provided by an unqualified individual or for false prescriptions for controlled medications.

Fraudulent Claims Under Auto, Homeowners And Life Policies

Our lawyers also conduct insurance fraud investigations and, when necessary, litigate claims of loss under consumer policies — auto, homeowners and life. Examples in which a policyholder might incur an intentional loss include:

  • Claims on an auto policy that the insured was hit by a car when he or she was not
  • Claims on a homeowners policy that an engagement ring was lost, when in fact the insured broke up with the fiancé(e)
  • Claims for loss of a house or car that the insured set on fire because he or she could no longer afford it

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Foster & Mazzie brings the same intense work ethic to insurance fraud investigation that it does to all its litigation efforts. The result can be money and time saved for carriers. Contact the firm online or call to set up an initial consultation.