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Defense Against Premises Liability Claims

It has been said that the only difference between an automobile accident case and a premises liability case is that there is no car involved in the latter. We disagree with that premise. We see such claims as distinctly different. The injuries may be similar, but that does not stop the New Jersey and New York premises liability defense attorneys of Foster & Mazzie LLC from fighting just as hard for our clients in a slip-and-fall defense as we do with a major truck accident.

The Varieties Of Premises Liability

Premises liability is the umbrella term for a property owner’s liability for injuries suffered on the property due to the property owner’s lack of reasonable care. The injury can be of any severity, from soft tissue injuries such as whiplash to catastrophic injury. It can occur on premises of any kind, from private homes to commercial buildings to office complexes to shopping centers. As well, injury on a construction site can give rise to a premises liability claim.

Foster & Mazzie LLC — Defending Property Owners From Injury Claims

When we take on a premises liability case, we evaluate the legal elements of the claim in the same way we do any other personal injury case. We investigate the circumstances, analyze the law in the relevant jurisdiction and assess the potential liability. If the client chooses, we will negotiate, but we are fully confident in our ability to take a case successfully to verdict.

In addition to our premises liability defense work, we represent landlords in lease disputes with tenants.

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