With Over 300 Cases Tried to Verdict

Offering Employers Aggressive Defense Against Workers’ Compensation Claims

Foster & Mazzie LLC represents employers, insurance carriers and self-insured entities throughout the New Jersey-New York area in workers’ compensation defense cases.

We defend our clients against work injury claims of all kinds in all workplace locations, from repetitive stress injuries to occupational hazardous substances exposure to loss of a limb on a building site.

Whenever possible, we will make claims on behalf of our clients against the various New Jersey workers’ compensation funds, specifically the second injury and uninsured employers funds.

The Claimant Fraud Attorneys Of Foster & Mazzie Investigate Throughout New Jersey And New York

The Workers’ Compensation Fraud Act criminalizes fraudulent misrepresentations and false claims made by workers to obtain benefits. Our lawyers carefully investigate any workers’ compensation claim for potential fraud in New York and New Jersey.

But investigation is only part of an overall litigation strategy. Many workers’ compensation defense firms are reluctant to try cases. As with all our work, that is not true of the New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys of Foster & Mazzie LLC; our lawyers are not afraid to try any case if doing so is in the best interests of the client. We do whatever needs to be done.

Contact The Workers’ Compensation Defense Lawyers Of Foster & Mazzie LLC

If you are a carrier, self-insured entity or business facing a workers’ compensation claim, Foster & Mazzie LLC can provide a forceful defense. Contact us online or call to set up an initial consultation.