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Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Construction site injuries can result in significant injuries that require lengthy time off work as well as costly medical care both at the time of the accident and into the future. An experienced personal injury lawyer will not only help you seek a settlement from workers’ compensation, but will also investigate the merits of seeking damages against other third parties that could be liable for your injury as well.

Who Is Responsible For Construction Site Accidents?

While employers protect against liability by carrying workers’ compensation insurance on their employees, other third parties could be named in personal injury claims for construction-related accidents. Third parties that could hold some liability for a construction-related injury include:

  • Property owners — If the injury results from an unsafe condition on the property that you are working on, the owner of the property may be liable for damages.
  • Equipment manufacturers — Malfunctioning or unsafe equipment that results in injury is the responsibility of the manufacturer that produces the equipment.
  • Other contractors — If the injury was caused by another contractor or a contractor crew’s negligence on the site, the contractor or its company may be responsible for some of the cost of injury.

Common Construction-Related Injuries

Due to the dangerous nature of the work and heavy equipment used on a construction site, many types of accidents are reported, with some of the most common being:

  • Falls — Working from extreme heights can lead to devastating injuries when a fall occurs.
  • Equipment-related mishaps — Whether it is a nail gun or a large piece of machinery such as a backhoe, equipment on a construction site can lead to trauma and painful injuries.
  • Accidents involving falling objects — Many severe injuries on construction sites are the result of falling objects and material such as support beams, which can cause severe head, neck and back injuries.
  • Fires, explosions and electrocution — On-site exposed wiring and flammable material can result in electrocutions, fires and explosions, causing severe injuries and death to workers and those around them.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

No matter the situation, at Foster and Mazzie LLC, we will use our skill and experience to fight for our clients against third parties that may be liable for construction-related injuries. Even undocumented workers can seek compensation for injuries under the U.S. civil court system so contact us today and we will evaluate your case free of charge. We serve clients in New York and New Jersey.