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Representing Victims Of Slip-And-Falls

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents can occur at any place and any time. These falls can result in severe injuries that can lead to high medical bills, time off work and other expenses. Trying slip-and-fall cases can be complicated and require a lot of research to prove negligent conditions. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, an experienced personal liability attorney can give you the best chance for your claim.

At Foster & Mazzie LLC, we represent clients in New York and New Jersey who have suffered falls due to unsafe conditions. We have offices in New York and New Jersey.

Negligence In A Slip-And-Fall Claim

To bring a slip-and-fall accident to civil court, it must be shown that someone was negligent or that the property was in a dangerous condition that led to the slip-and-fall accident. For negligence to be shown by a property owner, the case must show that:

  • The owner was the one who created the dangerous condition.
  • The owner knew that the hazardous condition existed and did not correct it.
  • The dangerous condition was present for such a long period that the property owner should have known about it and rectified it.

Common Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Whether involving private property or a commercial location, visitors are expected to avoid apparent dangers, and a slip-and-fall claim can be filed only if the danger was something that a reasonable person would not expect, given the situation. Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Spills that have not been cleaned up or have no posted warnings
  • Broken stairs or torn carpet
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Potholes or sidewalks that are damaged

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